Organizations That Have Endorsed Janet

What Mainers Are Saying

  • Maine faces a stark choice in the upcoming gubernatorial election: the action-ready Janet Mills versus Shawn Moody’s promise to pile on four more years of the tired failures of the current administration.

    William H. Coogan


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  • I’m a college student from Gorham, and I’m writing to voice my support for Democrat Janet Mills for governor of Maine. After eight years of the LePage administration’s regressive and obstructionist policies, Maine needs a change, and Janet Mills is best placed to deliver that change.

    Sam Matey


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  • I am an independent voter in Freeport and am encouraging all other independents and undecided voters to help elect Democrat Janet Mills as governor this November. Supporting Janet is not a difficult decision...I researched the other candidates and easily concluded objectively that Janet has far more experience than anyone else in the race.

    Patrick Norton


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