Maine is home to a thriving brewing industry that now employs thousands of Mainers – and what’s better: it’s positioned for even more growth in the coming years. As governor, I will continue to help it flourish and, in doing so, attract more young people to live and work in Maine and support the use of local ingredients. My Administration will:

  • Support tax incentives intended to increase the local sourcing of agricultural products. Right now, too many ingredients are brought into Maine from out-of-state. We can create a policy that favors Maine-grown agricultural ingredients, and we can also better promote agricultural products by working with stakeholders to support entrepreneurs who want to fill the gaps in the in-state supply chain.
  • Raise self-distribution limits to more than 50,000 gallons per year. Right now, small breweries are incentivized to stop producing by this arbitrary standard.
  • Build a positive relationship with the industry through quality appointments at the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operation (BABLO). BABLO serves a critical role in protecting consumers, but that does not mean it must be an enemy to the growth of our brewing industry either. My Administration will ensure that the agency is able to exercise its important oversight authority while not unnecessarily inhibiting the growth of Maine brewers.
  • Review the level of excise tax. Successful Maine breweries are subject to a steep, and often prohibitive, increase in the excise tax that applies to their products.

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