Maine people and Maine businesses need better broadband and consistent cell phone reception. In the 21st century, it is simply unacceptable that a person can’t drive from Maine’s biggest city to its capital without dropping calls. Similarly, the economy of our future cannot be built on the infrastructure of the past. Maine needs wider broadband access and Maine businesses need greater speed. As Governor, I will provide the leadership that is missing right now to solve our connectivity gaps. That’s why my Administration will:

  • Expand the Three Ring Binder to extend the “middle mile” to more areas.
  • Support towns and regional non-profits to bring in the technical capacity they need to achieve local project goals.
  • Reform and empower the Connect ME Authority with more responsibility.
  • Expand the schools and library program to include municipal entities.
  • nvest in co-working or shared workspaces in existing buildings in rural towns where broadband could be made available for small businesses and remote workers.
  • Explore subsidy of business “Enterprise Service”. Many large businesses have funded fiber to their own premises. Maine could offer a reduced price Enterprise Service as an incentive for businesses locating or expanding in Maine.
  • Insist on continued move away from further copper installation to fiber and 5G.
  • Maximize receipt of Federal funds dedicated to rural broadband expansion.
  • Broker agreements with municipalities and MDOT for use of right-of-ways to facilitate the transition to 5G.
  • Implement a “dig once” policy to facilitate installation of fiber during public works projects.
  • Authorize the Creation of Broadband Expansion Districts to help enable communities and regions to increase access to broadband internet service

On Cell Service, my Administration will:

  • Convene the major carriers to identify and overcome barriers to complete cell coverage
  • Offer the use of state facilities with standardized leases for tower siting
  • Complete the FirstNet network for Maine public safety community

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